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For most of his career, Lawrence Holzman worked within the confines of one of the largest Maryland suburban law firms. Now, he’s the captain of his own firm, and he brings with him all of the experience that he gained working with the “big guys”.

“One of the things I like best about heading my own firm these days, is that I can select cases based not only upon what will be profitable for the firm but also just because they I feel like it is the right thing to do.   For example, I recently concluded two years of litigation on behalf of a family that had been defrauded and mistreated by its landlord.  I took a case representing a Minister against his landlord who wrongfully evicted him and wouldn’t even permit him to have his own possessions back.  I helped a secret service officer recover his dignity after being wrongfully accused of a crime that he could not have committed.”

But what’s “right isn’t exclusively a consumer issue by a long shot.  At virtually all times the firm also has ongoing litigation matters involving commercial issues that are equally compelling (for example one company that was virtually put out of business by a national chain; another that had an employee leave and then take the companies own tactics and techniques to start up a competitor almost literally next door.)”


Lawrence R. Holzman

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